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Singapore Home-schooling

Compulsory Education (CE) was implemented in Singapore in 2003. The first cohort of pupils coming under CE are Singapore Citizen children born between 2nd January 1996 and 1st January 1997 who are residing in Singapore.

The two key objectives of CE are to give our children:

  • A common core of knowledge which will provide a strong foundation for further education and training to prepare them for a knowledge-based economy; and
  • A common educational experience which will help to build national identity and cohesion.

Children will only be granted exemption from CE to be home-schooled provided the parents are able to satisfy MOE that the two key objectives of CE can be achieved for their children.

Parents will have to apply to CEU, MOE for a certificate confirming that the child has been exempted from CE. In seeking CE exemption for their child to receive home-schooling, parents are required to furnish information on the curriculum and educational outcomes of the home-schooling programme and indicate how the child will receive instruction in National Education.

A child granted exemption from CE to be home-schooled has to attempt the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) in four subjects at Standard Level (English, Mother Tongue, Mathematics, Science) when he/she is above the age of 11 years, but before attaining the age of 15 years.

[Above quoted from MOE website]

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