Singapore Actress Homeschooling

Actress choose to Homeschooling kids….

SHE gave up her career to be a full-time mum and now she’s a teacher to her children as well.
Former actress Evelyn Tan plans to home school her daughter Kristen, 4, and son Jairus, 2, all the way
to Primary 6. Evelyn, 33, and actor husband Darren Lim, 37, are expecting their third child – she is
currently four months’ pregnant.

The pros and cons of home schooling have been debated here. Evelyn and Darren say they believe in it
and are not worried their children will fall behind kids who go through the national school system.
Darren said home schooling was his idea because as a student, he used to feel like an ‘outcast’.

The self-confessed ‘non-mathematically-inclined’ actor said he wanted his children to have a more
‘hands-on learning approach’ to schooling. For that, Evelyn uses the Accelerated Christian Education
phonics-based programme, which uses role-playing and storytelling.

The programme, which covers subjects such as maths, science and social studies, focuses on language
skills, morals and values. Evelyn has been using the syllabus to teach Kristen for the last three
months, for two hours a day, and has found it very effective. Lessons are in the morning in Kristen’s
playroom, with her Barbie dolls, wooden blocks and play dough all around. The walls are lined with
posters showing numbers and letters of the alphabet and show-and-tell cards that Evelyn makes using
pictures of animals downloaded from the Internet.

Kristen also attends ballet and art lessons once a week. She enjoys one hour of television every
afternoon. Said Evelyn: ‘The curriculum that I have set for her trains her to be independent and
literate. ‘She’s curious about everything right now. This coupled with her strong learning ability
makes teaching her an easy task.’ Evelyn said she turns to friends and other home schooling mothers’
blogs for help with educational tips and resources.

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