Benefits Of Homeschooling Abroad

[Source: Mothers Abroad] “While I was convinced than home education was the best thing for our family at the time we made the decision, I didn’t know how we could combine it with our life as expatriates and how this two aspects of our lives could coexist.

When changing countries every two or three years how can we build a group of support? How can we meet other parents without our kids going to school? How do we navigate differences in legislation between countries?

To answer these question and many others, I have interviewed a dozen of expat families who homeschool around the world. I would like to share with you what I have learned.

I haven’t done a survey on a representative sample (the former market researcher in me would have loved to be able to do it) but my humble qualitative research gave me a pretty clear view of the opportunities that home education when living abroad might bring. I am not suggesting that this is the right answer for all the families living abroad though…..”

Home education brings stability. …
Home education enables flexibility and travel. …
Home education makes relocations easier. …
Home education is sometimes a less expensive alternative to (international/private) schools. …
In some cases, home education is considered to be a better alternative to local and international schools.”

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