Homeschool Kids Social


Practical tips on helping home-educated children connect with other people
by Emily Whitten


At school, kids socialize with peers, teachers, and coaches. How can we meet kids’ social needs at home?

Mystie: Think about your child as a whole person. When you homeschool, it’s not just about grade level or the subjects you cover. You are parent and school administrator all in one. So, to meet my kids’ social needs, sometimes I teach a class and invite other homeschoolers in my community to participate. Maybe a writing or literature class. We’ve done a lot of co-schooling over the years.


Mystie: It’s not an official co-op, but we trade with friends who live nearby. For instance, when my oldest kids were in middle school, I had a baby and a toddler. During the baby’s nap time, one friend would come over and read to the toddlers and preschoolers. I taught the older kids writing composition. The older kids could discuss things, and we got a lot more done because the toddlers’ needs were being met, too. It was a teamwork kind of thing.

Cathy: We did exactly the same thing for years. Just trading talents with a couple of families. I liked teaching the older ones while others taught the younger ones. READ THE ARTICLE HERE: How to meet kids’ social needs while homeschooling

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